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West Canton Baptist is a congregational church, meaning that the authority lies in the congregation. This means that the gathered congregation gets to make important decisions that effect the life of the church, as opposed to a hierarchal church government where decisions are made for the congregation. One of those important decisions WCBC makes every year is which men will serve on the deacon ministry team for the next three years.

This year the church was presented with 6 men to choose from, all biblically qualified and all willing to serve if elected. The 6 men that we are so blessed to have among us are: Daniel Fletcher, Daryl Williams, Gary Teague, Zach Dalton, Woody Sanford, and Russell Teague. The gathered congregation on July 28th, 2019 chose Russell Teague and Zach Dalton.

Meet Your New Deacons

Russell Teague is the man that shows up to spray the weeds growing in the cracks in the parking lot, or to wash the picnic tables, or to move appliances for folks in the community. Russell, and his wife, Wanda, have been back at West Canton for a couple of years now and they have jumped in stronger than ever. I can count on them to be present every time the doors are open. Russell has the gift of encouragement. He encourages his pastor on a regular basis. Sometimes it is as simple as the high-five I receive when he comes down out of the choir and passes by me just as I’m stepping to the pulpit to preach. That high-five means the world to me! I can’t wait to ordain Russell Teague as a deacon.

Zach Dalton is as faithful as any pastor could ever ask for. Zach, and his wife, Lacey, have been members at West Canton for nearly four years. They have one daughter, Jayde, and they are new foster parents. Zach serves on our multimedia team, learning how to do everything he doesn’t know how to do from YouTube University. Zach is the guy that fixes flat tires for the pastor’s wife while the pastor is out of town. There is nothing that Zach can’t do, and won’t do, to help someone in need. Zach faithfully attends the Wednesday morning Bible Study at 6am, and has recently become the Bible study leader for that group of young men. West Canton is incredibly blessed to have Zach and Lacey, and the blessings continue to come as we prepare to ordain Zach as a deacon.

I am extremely excited to have both men come on board to serve the church body this term. These two men are the epitome of the word ‘servant,’ or the word ‘deacon.’

Church, please understand that nobody won the deacon election and nobody lost the election. There are no winners and losers. There are simply willing brothers, ready to serve God’s people, and there are two particular men that God wants to serve right now; Russell and Zach. That’s it. Please be sure to thank Daniel, Daryl, Gary, and Woody for their willingness to serve again. By God’s grace, each of these faithful brothers will be willing again next year, and you will have opportunity to vote on each of them next July.

We will be ordaining both of these brothers in August. More information will follow soon.

Watch Sunday’s sermon on the qualifications of a deacon here:

The Church of the Living God (1 Tim. 3:8-15)

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