Equipping Families

The second element of our church's action strategy is Equipping Families. We will accomplish our vision of making his disciples within the family by learning to equip families.

For far too long the church has been viewed as the primary disciple-maker of young people, through children's programs and youth ministries, and the church has failed. Faithful youth group kids go to college every year and never return to the church. I'm not saying there isn't a place for a healthy youth ministry and kid's ministry in the church; there is. I am simply convinced though, that the church was never intended to be the primary disciple-maker of our children. So who is? God gave children to parents to raise, and ideally, these parents will make disciples in their homes.

I think most Christian parents today realize that they play a significant role in their child's faith, but they think they are doing that by taking them to church. Just as a good parent will send their child to school for an education, so they send their child to church for discipleship. The problem I see in my own generation is that parents don't actually know how to make disciples of their children, largely because their parents failed in this area too.

My vision for the next five years at West Canton Baptist Church is for WCBC to become a place not known for it's awesome youth group or kid's ministry, but that we would be focused on equipping families to make disciples. By working through youth ministries to partner with parents, and through children's ministries to partner with parents. By hosting regular training sessions we call ParentTalk. By partnerin