How Far Will You Go?

How far will you go? There were once four men who went to great lengths to bring a friend to Jesus. Their friend was paralyzed and unable to walk, but they believed that Jesus could change his life. They carried the man to the house that Jesus was teaching in, but the crowd of people that had come to see Jesus was so thick, they could not get their friend in the door. Many of us might have given up at this point, but not these four fellows. They were persistent. They made their way, with their paralyzed friend, to the top of the house, and began to dismantle the roof of the house. Where I’m from this is typically considered vandalism. At the very least, I might consider their heroic efforts somewhat extreme; but they wanted to get their friend in the presence of Jesus, and they would stop at nothing.

Going Deeper

Our church is joining with fellow Southern Baptists and prayerfully answering the question, Who’s Your One? We realize that the gospel movement is one life at a time. I am curious though, how far will you go to get your friend to Jesus? Will you literally carry him if necessary? Will you tote him to the top of the house and tear the roof off of the house? I know, those ideas sound ridiculous today, so let me ask the question more practically: Will you walk across the street, knock on their door, and invite them to church? Will you offer to let them ride with you to church? Will you offer for them to sit with you? Will you invite them to lunch after church? Will you call them later in the week and offer to answer any questions they may have from the sermon? Will you offer to pray for them? Or pray with them? Will you offer to get them a Bible? How far will you go?