Is Hell for Real?

Is Hell for real? Yes. Emphatically, yes! It seems that people do not like to think of Hell as a real place. A 2015 Pew Research Poll found that 72% of Americans believe in Heaven, while only 58% believe in Hell. More alarming, only 75% of Protestant Christians believe in Hell. The number of Protestant Christians believing in Heaven rises to 86%. The statistics indicate again and again that professing Christians are far more likely to believe in Heaven, while not believing in Hell.

Heaven is enjoyable to believe in. Heaven is pleasing to think about. Hell is sobering to think about. Hell is not nearly as pleasant as Heaven. Thus, people, even Christians, tend to dismiss the notion of Hell simply because they do not like it.

Going Deeper

I want to put forth two primary reasons for this dismissal of the notion of Hell:

1). Consumer Christianity. The Bible has been viewed through a consumer lens. The western mindset is a “pick and choose” mindset. The American model is best exemplified by Burger King’s motto, “Have it your way!” Christians have adapted that same motto to the Church. This explains the various worship styles, venues, music tastes, and dress styles. T