Just One Touch

One Touch. That’s all it takes! That’s what the woman in Luke 8:43-48 believed. This woman had suffered for 12 long years with a seemingly incurable blood issue. She had tried every source that seemed natural to try. She had tried all the physicians of her day. I would imagine that she had tried all of the natural home remedies. She probably even tried all of the essential oils. Trying all of these various sources meant that she had used all of her financial means too. Her physical maladies led to the creation of her financial maladies. Have you ever heard the saying, “When it rains, it pours?” This woman knew the reality of compounding problems.

Going Deeper

Again though, she had tried all of the possible solutions of the natural world; now, it came time to approach the supernatural world. Word had surely spread about the miracles of Jesus, and this woman had heard hope in those miracle stories. In fact, she became so confident in the power of Christ that she believed that if she could simply get close enough to touch his clothing that she would be healed.

Notice that the power to heal is not in the clothing of Christ! Rather, Jesus directly attributes her healing to her faith, or her belief that he could heal her. She could have touched his shoe, his hand, his hair, his walking stick, or she could have not touched him at all. The point is her belief that if she did touch him, then she would be healed. Now, pay attention to the object of her faith. It was not her disease, or her physician appointment later that week. Often times we pray about the appointment with the surgeon or the doctor that is coming up. She didn’t even mention the disease or the doctors to Jesus. She simply wanted to touch Jesus. This is remarkable to me!