Kingdom: A New Sermon Series

We are beginning a new sermon series that will last us quite a while. We are going to work our way through 1st & 2nd Samuel, examining the first two Kings of Israel's history, Saul and David respectively. I am really excited about this sermon series, because I am excited about what God is going to teach us as we watch this drama unfold. We will begin 1st Samuel on Sunday, May 13, but until then we are setting the stage for the new Kingdom of

Israel that is founded in Samuel. That's right; its not until the book of Samuel, around 1051 BC, that Saul becomes the first king of Israel. Abram was called to follow God nearly 1,000 years before Saul. Thus, the kingdom of Israel doesn't exist until much later in Israel's history as a nation. We are setting this stage by doing a mile-high overview of Genesis through Judges. I want you to understand the context of Israel when Samuel, and then Saul, and then David, come on the scene.

This past Sunday we looked at Genesis and discovered that God's chosen nation is born out of a promise. We saw that God kept his promise of providing offspring to Abram. Now, this coming Sunday we will look at select passages in Exodus and Joshua to see that God keeps his promise to make a great nation of Abram (Genesis 12:3) and he keeps his promise to give them land by rescuing them from slavery and giving lsrael a geographic home.

Of course, if you miss any of these sermons, you can watch them all here.

Going Deeper: In the meantime of would encourage you to spend some time studying 1st and 2nd Samuel. You can also read through Israel's history to this

point; you can read Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and Judges. As with any story it Is important to understand where the episode falls within the larger storyline. I pray that you will prepare your heart in God's Word for God to work in you heart through this upcoming series.