Loving God

As we look forward to the next 5 years together at West Canton, we have a destination in mind! Here's where we are headed:

But how do we get there? We must have a road map or GPS for the journey we are taking. We are launching a strategy to reach our vision as a church. 

Currently I am preaching through each of these four action goals. Please notice that all four begin with a verb, an action word, requiring God's people at West Canton to do something. We are a church of hearers and doers (James 1:22). So let's talk about it. 

First, we will examine the idea behind Loving God, then over the next three weeks we will look at the next three action goals. It seems obvious that Christians are those who love God. But it's Jesus who levels the accusation to the church (Christians) at Ephesus, "...you have abandoned the love you had at first (Rev. 2:4)."  It is possible to be the church and to simply go through the motions, all the while having left your first love, Jesus. I pray that Jesus would never say that about our congregation, but I am very aware of just how easy it would be for such a statement to become reality. We begin