Loving God

As we look forward to the next 5 years together at West Canton, we have a destination in mind! Here's where we are headed:

But how do we get there? We must have a road map or GPS for the journey we are taking. We are launching a strategy to reach our vision as a church. 

Currently I am preaching through each of these four action goals. Please notice that all four begin with a verb, an action word, requiring God's people at West Canton to do something. We are a church of hearers and doers (James 1:22). So let's talk about it. 

First, we will examine the idea behind Loving God, then over the next three weeks we will look at the next three action goals. It seems obvious that Christians are those who love God. But it's Jesus who levels the accusation to the church (Christians) at Ephesus, "...you have abandoned the love you had at first (Rev. 2:4)."  It is possible to be the church and to simply go through the motions, all the while having left your first love, Jesus. I pray that Jesus would never say that about our congregation, but I am very aware of just how easy it would be for such a statement to become reality. We begin to fall in love with self-gratification and church growth. We might fall in love with the programs of the church, and some of the ministries, good ministries, but we elevate them above Christ. It's a dangerous place to be. 

I want the people of West Canton to focus our attention on how we love God, and love him to the best of our limited ability (Mt. 22:37). Let's focus on our corporate worship time. Can we love God more? Can we love him better? Can we demonstrate our love better? I think we can. I think our preaching, our praying, our praising, and our obeying are all ways that we can love our God better. I'm not talking about style, but I'm talking about quality of the style we have! Nobody wants to sit through a half-hearted sermon, not even God. I'm committed to expositing the text of Scripture over the next 5 years better than I ever have before. But who wants to sit through half-hearted singing and praising? We don't need new songs or new styles, we simply need a new passion, a new song upon our hearts. I'm challenging you to consider the lyrics of the songs you sing, and to let them lead your heart to worship. I'm also challenging you to pray throughout the week about the songs that you might sing in worship on the Lord's Day. The quality of our gathered worship services can be better. It must be better!

Watch the whole sermon below beginning out the 39:22 mark. 

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