Serving & Going

We've concluded our 5 part series called The Next 5 Years with the final two elements of our strategy as a church.

We are church focused on these four elements: loving God, equipping families, serving community, and going worldwide. Let me say a final word about serving our local community and going worldwide. Simply put, this is the geographical location targeted with the Great Commission found in Acts 1:8, from "Jerusalem to the ends of the earth."

The Lord has uniquely and strategically placed our congregation in the area known as West Canton, and he has called us to serve our local area. He has given us ample opportunities to serve the least of these (Mt.25), our local school system, local law enforcement and emergency responders, and our town officials. My prayer is that over the next 5 years, we take our serving to a whole new level in this town. This is our town, our community! Let's reach it with the gospel of Jesus!

At the same time, the Lord is also calling us to reach the ends of the earth! You can do this! You can go! Again, the Lord is giving us opportunities. Whether you do this by going to New York and talk with one of hundreds of ethnicities that we might encounter, or by inviting buddhist students into your home for a few weeks over the summer. Perhaps in the near future we may even be able to travel to Cambodia to make disciples in Christ's name! You have options; the question becomes, "Will we obey?" So, I'm asking you now, will you obey our Lord's commands?