The Gospel in Exodus

90 sermons. I’ve been preaching through Exodus for quite sometime now. In fact, the first sermon in Exodus was on October 18, 2015, almost 4 years ago. It has become one of my favorite books of the Bible. The gospel is on center stage throughout the storyline.

It’s the story of God keeping the promise he made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (in the Book of Genesis). God chose a people, and then God made a covenant with them, and even though centuries had passed, God was faithful to keep the promise he made.

Going Deeper

God chose a people, and then God raised up a deliverer and sent him into Egypt to rescue his people. It’s important that you realize that the words, deliverer and rescuer, are synonymous here with the word, savior. That’s right. God raised up a savior, and God sent him to save his people. You can already see the gospel in Exodus, right? Why must God’s people be saved? Because they were in bondage. God’s people were slaves.

The New Testament authors grab a hold of the same idea. Sinners are presented in the New Testament as being in chains and in bondage to sin, slaves to sin even. If you have ever dealt with any level of addiction, you know the reality of the chains the New Testament speaks of.

In Exodus 12 the gospel becomes even more explicit. After a series of judgments on t