The Power of Love

This week on Going Deeper, let's think about how our testimony of love applies to Valentine's Day. There are two obvious applications:

  1. Think about your relationship with your spouse. Are you loving your spouse in a way that requires humility? Are you serving your spouse? When we talk about defining our love with terms like "people serving" and "self-sacrificing," we must realize that it begins at home. If we are not humbly serving our spouses, then we are not demonstrating the love of Christ at the place we spend the majority of our time, our homes, and with the person we spend the majority of our time, our spouse. I'm not talking about buying candy and flowers, or a fancy dinner; I'm talking about putting our desires and ambitions on the back burner in order to love our spouses. This may mean changing our plans, rescheduling the golf weekend or the shopping trip, not watching the game or the latest episode of our favorite series. It may mean giving up much needed down time in order to serve your spouse. Think about John 13:1-15 and the way Jesus loved his disciples by washing their feet. How can you serve your spouse this week and show them the love of Christ?

  2. Think about the widows and widowers in your life, your community, and our congregation. Valentine's Day is when romance is highlighted in our culture, but it is also a day when loneliness is reiterated for so many. How might you serve a widow or widower this week? Perhaps you could take someone to dinner with you and your spouse this week, or maybe a bouquet of flowers, or perhaps just a visit, or a note dropped in the mailbox. Get creative with how you might love those who are more keenly aware of their loneliness this week. Feel free to comment at the bottom with more ideas.

Last Sunday's sermon text: John 13:34-35

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Upcoming Sermon Text (for you to study and meditate on): Hebrews 4:12-13