The Power of Prayer

Often times we wonder if our prayers are being heard. We wonder if God is going to answer our prayers. Perhaps you have prayed for a lost loved one for years, or even decades, and you are tempted to give up. Don't! Do not give up on the power of prayer. Do not give up on the faithfulness of God. Consider the example that Scripture gives us. Do you remember the story of Abigail?

Abigail receives very little attention in the Scriptures. In fact, she basically is limited to this one chapter, 1 Samuel 25, but her part in redemptive history is extremely significant. She essentially saved her family from the wrath of David, and consequently, saved David from sinfully seeking his own vengeance.

In my sermon, Trusting the Power of Prayer, I laid out 5 truths that Abigail's intercession teaches us about prayer:

  1. Prayer is God's Intent

  2. Prayer Requires Action

  3. Prayer Demonstrates Humility

  4. Prayer Depends on Faithfulness