The Power of the Word

This week we concluded our 3-part sermon series called The Power of Testimony by looking at The Power of the Word. The testimony of the written Word of God is powerful; in fact, the author of Hebrews describes it as being sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). The words sharper than are comparative words meaning that God’s Word is the sharpest sword, or the most powerful sword. In other words, it is highly effective. It will pierce a man to his soul, to his heart, his most inner being. This is significant because the heart, the inner being of a man, is completely concealable to the rest of humanity. Every person has their deepest, darkest secrets that they keep hidden from all of mankind, but here we are told that God’s Word is powerful enough to cut deep enough to find out every single thought and intention of our hearts. That’s powerful! 

Going Deeper:

  1. Think of the person that you have relentlessly tried to reach. You have shared and shared with them, but they seem to be numb to anything you say. Don’t trust your ability to convert someone; rather, trust the Word of God to do it’s work. It is sharper and more powerful than anything you could ever say. Also, be sure when you are sharing with folks that the Word of God is cutting and not you or your tone. There is a big difference! 

  2. Consider 1 John 1:1-4. As God’s Word cuts, pierces, and divides, it actually does so for the purpose of uniting in fellowship. Our aim in proclaiming God’s Word should always be to lead sinners to repentance that they might unite with us in fellowship with the Son and the Father. This should seem obvious but many today use God’s Word to intentionally divide and somehow set themselves superior to the rest of mankind. They have no intention or motive to unite, but only to inflate their own sense of self-righteousness. In other words, they use the Word of God to simply tell people how wrong their sin is, but not to offer any remedy for their sin. This is not the purpose of the proclamation of God’s Word. Proclaim it with intent of uniting sinners in fellowship with yourself, and with the Triune God. 

  3. Finally, consider purchasing an ESV Pew Bible to give away to visitors as they come into our church. We want to be able to give a copy of the Word of God to folks. We need to buy an extra case of pew Bibles for this purpose. We want our pew Bibles to “go missing.” That is, we want guests that visit our church to take a pew Bible if they have need for a readable translation. When they do go missing though, we need a stock pile to pull from to replace them in the pews. Would you consider purchasing one for $15? Call our church office for more information. 

Sunday’s Sermon Text: Hebrews 4:12-13

You can watch Sunday’s sermon here

This coming Sunday we are beginning a new sermon series; Word