Trusting God's Righteousness

Does God's way always seem right to you? Be honest, many times it doesn’t. Many times it may seem the more dangerous or risky choice to make, but faith demands obedience. In 1 Samuel 24, David trusted God's Righteousness. David did not harm Saul when given the opportunity, simply because David trusted that God had chosen Saul. David understood the logic of killing Saul, but he also understood that God's ways are always right. People may think you are crazy when you choose to trust God's righteousness above your own. That's okay. Trust his way. Obey his way.

Going Deeper:

In your journal, use the lyrics to the old hymn, The Solid Rock, to guide your heart and thoughts about Christ's righteousness. Perhaps you could use a different stanza each day this week for your time with the Lord. Each day write down the next stanza at the top of your journal page. Then read it through a couple of times, and then pray through those words. After a few minutes of prayerfully considering the words, search the Scriptures for these very ideas. When you find the Scripture, write it down and then record your response to the theological truth that you have found. Let me know in the comments how it goes for you! If you get stuck, feel free to comment and ask for help.