Trusting God’s Security

Baptists have a long standing motto: “Once saved, always saved.” This phrase has been tossed around so loosely amongst baptist circles that it has lost whatever meaning it once had. Today, the poorly worded phrase is used by folks that made some sort of profession of faith as a small child, but have experienced no spiritual growth as a result. When confronted about their wayward lifestyle, they are quick to snap back with “once saved, always saved,” almost like it is a trump card. This is a poor understanding of a very precious doctrine.

Blessed assurance is not to be trifled with. Theologians have long referred to the doctrine that teaches that a believer cannot lose his salvation as the perseverance of the saints. Another name to describe this doctrine is eternal security. This theological gem provides a great deal of rest for the believer. This is the doctrine that David seems to doubt in 1 Samuel 27. Growing weary of living in caves and being on the run from Saul, David seeks security from the Philistines. Admittedly, this does not make much sense, but insecurity will lead us to make rash decisions. See the sermon Trusting God’s Security at the bottom of the page.

Going Deeper:

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