Trusting God's Timing

Most of us are planners. Admittedly, some of us are more organized and more obsessive about our planning than others, but almost all of us have some tendency to plan. We plan doctor's appointments, dinner, sporting events, rehearsals, children's educational experiences, and more. We plan everything to some degree or another.

Think about the things in life that we don't plan though. You may plan what you are eating for dinner, but you typically do not plan whether or not you are going to eat dinner. Your body plans how often you eat for you, without consulting you. You may plan the time of day to visit the doctor, but your body plans when you need to visit the doctor. You may plan where and how your child is educated, but you don't plan whether or not they need to be educated. In fact, much of our planning is reactionary planning to something far greater than ourselves. As much as we want to think we are totally independent beings, we must admit that we are not independent. Actually, we are totally dependent beings.

We are reminded of our total dependence upon God every time our plans fail and we are forced to adapt to the circumstances that interrupted our plans. Very few of us have ended up living the life we thought we would live, and even fewer are living the lives they dreamed of living.

Our plans, and our timing, is relative to the absolute nature of God's sovereignty. Our timetable for life's events are subjective to the objective predetermined plans of the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.