We Are West Canton

Membership matters! Otherwise, why have it?

The church of Jesus is the "called out.” That is what the greek word for church means; those whom Jesus has called out of the world and gathered for his own purpose.

We are Christ’s body. We are a diverse body, yet a unified body. Made up of many different members, with different backgrounds, different social classes, and different cultural experiences. Every member has different gifts and different skills. And God has sovereignly arranged us all together for his purpose. He has a plan for the local body at West Canton, and he has assembled such a diverse group of people, that were it not for the blood of Jesus, never would we all be unified in one common cause. Our bond is at Calvary. We are not uniform, but we are united. We are united with a common vision. Our vision at WCBC is:

Over the next several weeks, I will be preaching a series called We Are West Canton. We are going to delve into what it means to be a member of West Canton Baptist Church. It means something! It must mean something. You can watch the first sermon in the series below, titled I Am a Church Member from 1 Corinthians 12.

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