Welcome! You have found our new website and I am very glad that you did! This section will be a place for me to communicate with you on a regular basis. Check back frequently to see what’s on my heart. Here are some of my introductory thoughts on our brand new church website. 

First, I’m thankful to our media guru, Lacey Dalton, for all of her hard work into moving this website from the dreams in my head to reality. God has truly blessed our congregation with her and Zach! They put a ton of behind the scenes work into our congregation! Be sure to thank them when you see them. 

Second, I want to tell you why I’m excited about the new website. The internet is a part of our lives now. We must understand that if we are going to reach the world today we must do it where they are, and frankly, the world is on the world wide web; so we are too. It’s been said, and I agree with the thought, that a church’s website is the new front porch. In other words, there was a day when the first thing people saw about your church was the front porch, front steps, etc. You wanted to make sure that it was presentable and that it made a good impression. Now, the front porch is the church website. Most visitors that come in our front door have visited our web address before they ever visit our physical address. It is crucial that we maintain an up-to-date website that is presentable.

WestCantonBaptist.com,  like everything else we do as a church, exists solely for the glory of God. It is not to glorify ourselves, but it is to glorify the Father and exalt the Son. We intend to use the web to make much of Jesus. 

Expect to hear much about the website in days to come. In the next few weeks I will be writing about some of the features of our website, such as live streaming and online giving. Until then, for the glory of God, please share our new website with your friends on Facebook and Instagram, and other platforms. Help us get the word out!